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Custom Insights

Bud's Custom Insights are a powerful set of APIs and user interface that allow clients build their own insights about their customers.

With the ability to create custom insights capable of driving business objectives such as increasing deposits, Bud empowers financial institutions to maximize both ROI and revenue with minimal effort.

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Ways to help your customers

2024 Share of Wallet Custom Insights

Track share of wallet and maximize relevant targeting

Pinpoint exactly what your customers are spending their money on with data-driven insights into their transaction history, empowering you to not only understand their financial situation and aspirations but better cater to their needs.

2024 Criteria Custom Insights

Accelerate data-driven decisioning and customer profiling

Bud's custom insights solution empowers financial institutions like yours to effectively surface AI-powered insights designed to inform strategic decision-making across the entire business.

With Bud, you have all the customer insights needed to drive revenue and capitalize on opportunities at the right time, every time.

2024 Cross Sell Custom Insights

Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

With insights into potential cross-sell and up-sell opportunities you’ll know which products to recommend. For example, if someone has recently purchased tickets to fly abroad, you can target them with relevant product offerings like travel insurance.

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How to turn transactions into personalized insights

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Tangible ROI with Bud’s Custom Insights

Whether it’s activating untapped revenue streams through hyper-personalization or maximizing the lifetime value of your consumers, Bud’s custom insights can provide tangible benefits for both you and your customers.

  • Better serve vulnerable customers
    With a holistic view of your customer’s financial data and access to high-quality, you can proactively flag, mitigate and better serve at risk customers more effectively.
  • Save R&D costs, reduce time to market

    Our intuitive console allows you to add news insights within a few minutes - bypassing days of work for your engineering team.

  • Drive ROI, revenue and growth

    By supercharging your customer’s digital experiences and proactively meeting their evolving needs and demands, you not only cultivate customer loyalty but ultimately drive ROI, revenue and growth.

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