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Use case

Accelerate access to insights

Save your data analysts time by empowering employees to find answers to simple data questions using Drive, which simplifies data access and enhances efficiency across the board.

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Ways to help your business

2024 Empower self-service data access

Empower self-service data access and accelerate analysis

By democratizing access to data and enabling non-analyst employees to both access and interpret basic data through Drive, financial institutions could greatly reduce the amount of time spent on data analysis by 50% and be able to prioritize more specialized tasks. This strategy can shift additional data exploration tasks away from analysts, freeing them up for more complex analysis and decision-making processes.

2024 Tackling more impactful problems and generating ROI

Tackling more impactful problems and generating ROI

Redirect the focus of your data analysts to tackle more complex, ROI-driven projects by using automation and improved data access tools in Drive. This not only enhances the value derived from analytical efforts but also contributes directly to strategic goals and revenue growth.

Ways to help your customers

2024 Access to insights page

Access to relevant products

Shift from a one-size-fits-all approach to a more personalized marketing strategy that uses data-driven insights to offer financial products tailored to the specific financial situations and needs of customers, increasing approval rates and customer satisfaction.

2024 Personalised data insights

Personalized data insights

Use Drive to generate personalized reports and dashboards tailored to specific customer needs, enhancing their ability to focus on metrics that matter most to them and empowering them to achieve their financial goals through data-driven recommendations.

Benefits for you and your customers

Implementing these strategies with Drive can lead to significant time savings for data analysts, increased productivity across departments and a more data-driven decision-making culture. This also positions your fintech as a leader in customer-centric solutions, enhancing client satisfaction and retention.

  • Enhanced Productivity

    Free up analyst time for high-value tasks and improve the overall efficiency of your business with AI-powered automation.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Increase your customer retention rate by increasing their engagement with your brand

  • Enhanced Customer Trust

    By providing customers with tailored financial products and personalized data insights, Drive fosters greater trust and loyalty – demonstrating a commitment to understanding and meeting each individual customers’ needs

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