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Bud recognized by AIFintech100 as one of world’s 100 most innovative AI solutions

We’re thrilled to announce Bud has been hailed as one of the world’s 100 most innovative AI solutions for financial services by FinTech Global in their AIFintech100 2024 report. 

Not only is this an incredible honour but also a testament to our team’s commitment to driving AI adoption in financial services, and improving outcomes for financial institutions and their customers alike.

”Our platform is using all the latest technologies available and we have always been trying to combine the most forward-thinking architecture with the highest possible client and customer impact,” says Jakub Piotrowski (VP of Product at Bud), “however, the core competency of Bud is the ability to understand financial data. With a clear view of each transaction – and each customer – combined with the ability to elevate it across the whole portfolio, we are in a good position to continuously innovate and enable our clients to use it as a foundation, too.”

About the AIFintech100 Report

An annual list curated by industry experts and analysts, the AI Fintech100 Report is an invaluable resource for technology teams and senior leadership searching for a comprehensive evaluation of the leading companies in AI-powered financial services. This year marks the fourth edition of the report which continues to highlight forward-thinking organizations that are trailblazing the transformation of financial services through AI.

FinTech Global director Richard Sachar said: “Generative AI and Artificial Intelligence in general are opening opportunities in the financial services sector to not only get ahead of the competition but to also increase efficiencies and offer personalized products to clients. This year’s AIFinTech100 list details some of the best and the brightest in this area who are developing AI applications in areas such as banking, insurance, compliance, customer experience, investment and trading and payments.”

For the complete AIFintech100 report and more detailed information about the selection process, please visit:

Transaction AI with Bud

Bud remains dedicated to empowering financial institutions to successfully navigate their digital transformation by enriching transactional data with rich actionable insights and added customer context.

We push the boundaries of what AI can achieve in the financial sector and continue to deliver robust, customizable solutions designed to supercharge hyper-personalization at scale, deliver data-driven insights and transform financial services for all.

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