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Leaders building with Bud

Leaders in the finance sector building with Bud's open banking products.
Leaders in the finance sector building with Bud's open banking products.

Next-level money management with Intelligently enriched data


Drive customer engagement

90% of customers are willing to share data if doing so provides a simpler experience.


Improve financial wellbeing

69% of customers want tools to help them manage their finances better.

Build the ultimate personal finance management tool

Combine features like cash-flow forecasting and budgeting with smart, contextual notifications to improve engagement and retention. 


Recognise rent payments

Our unique rent recognition solution serves as a credit-building tool that uses a customer's history of making rent payments to fill-out credit bureau records  

Clients use rent recognition to acquire new customers, support those with poor credit histories, and boost loyalty. In the US,  26% of renters have expressed a willingness to switch banks or apps in order to have access to a credit improvement feature. 


Carbon tracking

Bud's Carbon Tracking API gives clients the tools to help their customers understand the environmental impact of their lifestyle.

In-app engagement tools displaying carbon contribution alongside their spending have been proven to drive loyalty with 92% of people saying they will be more loyal to companies that support environmental issues. 

Our Customers

What our customers are saying about Bud

Banks and lenders use Bud's affordability solution to create operational efficiencies.

  • “Our new partnership with Bud marks a significant step forward in our campaign for greater transparency, providing us with a wealth of insight that gives customers more power over their financial future”
    Credit Karma Logo
    Ziad Al Baba
    General Manager UK and Canada, Credit Karma
  • “Importantly, the functionality Bud provides will also enable us to continue to meet our responsibilities as a responsible lender, without compromising customer experience.”
    ANZ logo
    Mike Bullock
    Chief Information Officer, ANZ NZ
  • “Partnering with Bud will empower our customers, by ensuring that their data works even better in their favour, helping them move their finances forward.”
    TotallyMoney Logo
    Alastair Douglas
    CEO, TotallyMoney

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