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Everything you need to know about Bud.

Accurate lending decisions. Fast.

Use our APIs to customize your own creditworthiness solution and to keep up with ever-changing market regulations.


Leaders building with Bud


Better than legacy underwriting

Use up-to-date, accurate transactional data to pre-approve, automate or review key insights – credit checks take just minutes.


43% reduction in processing time

When Street UK built our Assess API into their existing systems, they found they could accept more applications and cut processing times significantly. 


23% increase in lending capacity

A global retail bank chose Bud to power pre-approvals and affordability assessments for all of its consumer lending with impressive results.

Lending use case

Don't take our word for it

“Importantly, the functionality Bud provides will enable us to continue to meet our responsibilities as a responsible lender, without compromising customer experience” 

ANZ-Logo-2009-1-1  Michael Bullock, CIO, ANZ


Our APIs

Here are some of the endpoints you can use to build your own customized creditworthiness solution:


Balance over time

View a customer’s historical balance over a given time period.



Build your own category mapping to review your customer’s essential and discretionary spending.


Income verification

Evaluate a customer’s income type and sources.


Future transactions

Analyze a customer’s committed spend for the coming months, with the ability to adjust for market conditions such as inflation. 

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Super-fast speed to market

Our zero-integration Assess dashboard helps clients transform their credit checks straight away.

No more forms, statements or paystubs to review manually – just accurately categorized transactional data and intelligent insights.

Developer Friendly


API guides, rich code examples, annotated walkthroughs and support – all in one place. 

Ready to get started?

See first-hand how Bud could help you transform your credit check processes with open banking data.



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API documentation

Take a look at all of our resources available for our APIs.