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Bud joins the Akoya network to empower US financial institutions with advanced transactional data enrichment

We’re excited to announce Bud has connected with Akoya, a leader in the growing US open banking ecosystem, to deliver truly hyper-personalized financial experiences, cashflow analytics and new growth opportunities to financial institutions across the US 

What does this mean for financial institutions in the US?

Together, we’ll work to transform how banks, fintechs, credit unions, lenders and other financial institutions integrate and leverage their customers' data in their products and services and elevate financial services to new heights.

Founded on both Bud and Akoya’s shared ethics principles, this collaboration is underpinned by end-user consent and data security to ensure safe, secure and value-added services are offered to financial institutions and their customers.

By harnessing the transformative power of open finance and AI-powered data intelligence, we’re empowering financial institutions with the advanced solutions needed to meet the unique needs of their diverse customer base and surfacing new opportunities for growth while doing so.

"We’re really excited to bring together Bud's AI banking personalization with Akoya's unique data aggregation capabilities,” said Ed Maslaveckas, Bud’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Banks and fintechs that work with Bud can leverage a full stack solution, bringing all consumer data into one place with access to tools that understand the data. This means anyone within a financial institution can create hyper-personalized experiences or insights, improving cross and up-sell of product.”

What are the key benefits of Bud’s collaboration with Akoya?

We’re combining Bud’s advanced, AI-powered data enrichment techniques with Akoya’s robust, secure and scalable open finance network of trusted data providers to deliver deeply personalized financial experiences at every touchpoint.

Unlocking limitless opportunities for value and growth, key benefits of this collaboration include:

Personalization at scale

Using our advanced data methodologies, financial organizations gain access to the ability to provide bespoke digital experiences that not only align with their customer’s unique preferences and goals but also delight at every touch point.

Next-gen personal finance management

With holistic and contextualized transactional data at our disposal, Akoya and Bud are able to deliver cutting-edge PFM solutions capable of transforming how customers engage with their money based on their unique preferences and habits.

Data-driven risk management and cash flow analytics

Our live transactional data and AI-powered insights empower financial institutions to unlock a better understanding of cash flow trends, support data-driven decision making and proactively identify and mitigate vulnerable or at-risk customers.

Accelerate efficiency with customer data insights

Our collaboration with Akoya will empower financial services providers across the US with more relevant and targeted marketing initiatives, data-driven product innovation and ultimately, better customer experiences and more lifetime value from each customer.

“The powerful combination of Akoya's trusted data network and Bud's secure, easy to deploy, transaction enrichment promises significant benefits for businesses and consumers alike,” said Behram Panthaki, COO of Akoya. “Increased transparency, enhanced customer experiences, and streamlined operations are just a few of the ways this partnership will deliver real value.”

"Bud and Akoya will give clients the tools they need to maximize the value of their customer data and find quick and sustainable ways to grow. We can't wait to see what our clients build next,” added Maslaveckas.

Ready to transform financial services?

Are you interested in transforming financial services with best-in-class enrichment, market-leading categorisation, AI-powered insights, data-driven accuracy and much, much more

Then make sure you’re maintaining your competitive edge by partnering with Bud. 

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