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Everything you need to know about Bud.

Introducing Bud's revolutionary financial AI product:

Today, we’re thrilled to reveal Bud's groundbreaking innovation, an all-new generative AI core known as '' This cutting-edge technology brings a whole new level of personalization and data-driven insights to every financial interaction.

But that's not all. We’re also proud to announce our flagship product built upon this powerful core: Jas. This generative interface empowers consumers to engage with a fully-trained AI assistant that is capable of supporting with various aspects of their financial lives, such as the right credit product or financial planning.

With Jas, individuals can take steps to enhance their financial resilience. Financial institutions can also customize this service to align with their specific objectives, such as increasing deposits, serving more mortgages or simply engaging with their customers further.

The future holds even more promise. As Jas evolves, it will transform into an action-bot, capable of providing tailored recommendations and executing tasks on behalf of customers and clients.

At the heart of Bud's services lies the platform, which unlocks an endless array of insights for our clients. These invaluable insights can supercharge marketing efforts, refine customer segmentation, and optimize business operations.

Bud's enterprise customers enjoy the seamless integration of Bud's suite of services, powered by generative AI. Our platform enables financial organizations to revolutionize their customer engagements, offering personalized outcomes through customized language models (LLMs) that cater to each bank's specific requirements.

Since 2018, Bud has been diligently developing foundational language models that leverage financial data. With this latest breakthrough, we have unveiled a logic core capable of delivering countless real-time insights for both individual customers and corporate users.

Bud’s years of experience delivering sensitive data products to large scale enterprises means that we have also tackled one of the key problem statements for gen AI in financial services today: security and location of the data.

Bud locks all of its data down to the specific instance delivered to the clients it serves and layers LLMs over this dedicated environment. This means customers get reliable, secure and personalized generative AI capabilities without compromising on data ethics.

Our co-founder and CEO, Edward Maslaveckas, is enthusiastic about the changes this innovation will bring to financial institutions and their customers: “ delivers on the product vision we held in 2015,” says Edward. “It’s awesome to see that, after eight years of tireless product and technical work, we can now make this dream a reality.”

We have even more in store. Bud is actively working on an AI-powered marketing and risk management suite, which will provide an intelligent layer of data insights across the entire organization.

With, internal marketing and data teams gain real-time access to their financial data, empowering them to generate actionable insights with unprecedented efficiency.

Our flexible system allows each core model to be trained and configured according to the unique needs of our world-leading clients, ensuring a truly customized and tailored experience.

Bud is excited to revolutionize the financial landscape, bringing the power of generative AI to every customer engagement.

Discover the future of finance with and our suite of intelligent tools: Enrich, Engage, Drive and Assess!