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Turn transactional data into insights and products

Create insights that drive both commercial and customer outcomes with a powerful set of data science models. Download the fact-sheet for full details.

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Create actionable insight from raw data

All the tools you need to understand and help your customers.

Ingest data from anywhere

Apply AI models to data from your own services, third party aggregators or data from open banking.

Create personal services

Build out better PFM tools, reduce costs and tailor messaging to your customers.


Create insightful context and personal prompts from financial data, with APIs for:

Transaction categorisation

Merchant identification

Regular transactions

Significant transactions

Notifications and insights

For more information download the Intelligence product fact sheet.

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Intelligent, secure and flexible

Cutting edge, machine learning models, all underpinned by industry-leading security practices.

Keeping private data private

Data security underpins everything we do. Anonymised transaction data protects customer privacy and unique, per-customer encryption ensures the very highest security standards. Even at Bud, we can only ever see anonymised data.

For more information on how we handle personal data, download our personal data white paper covering security and data practices at Bud.


Unrivalled breadth of insight services

APIs from the Intelligence product can be combined to add more than 17 enrichments to transaction data, allowing you to build an unparalleled level of insight into your customers.

For more detailed insights, data services such as Signal and the "Financial Review" API provide a further set of tools to help you bring even more powerful products to market fast.

Industry-leading Categorisation and Merchant ID

Machine learning algorithms trained on hundreds of millions of transactions accurately sort transactions into more than 200 categories and recognise more than 2000 merchants. 

Find out more on how the Categorisation and Merchant ID services work on the blog. 

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Add intelligence to transaction data with Bud


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