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Turn transaction data into customer insight with Open Banking

Signal is Bud's financial insights engine.

It uses transaction data to create user-level insights that empower our clients to deliver personalised services at scale. Download the product factsheet to learn more. 


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Insights to power your business

Signal organises customer insights into three main categories:

1. Customer Characteristics

Aspects of the customer that speak to life stages and the macro factors that affect their financial situations. Factors such as whether they're a home-owner or have children.

2. Income and Expenditure Insights

Customer attributes that speak to the way customers earn and spend their money, for example, whether or not they're receiving pension income.

3. Advanced Money Management

Attributes that focus on more day-to-day aspects of financial management, for example, changes to regular bills or late payments . 


Intelligence at the heart of the Bud platform

Signal acts as an intelligence engine, combining data from all of Bud's various services to provide insights at the user level. Bud's Categoriser, Merchant ID, Regular Payments finder, and Transaction Labels services are used to generate this data.

Signal is at the heart of our platform and is one of the key pieces of technology that powers Bud's front-line products.

Our products provide clients the tech to create personalised and relevant apps, services, and systems for their users. Check out and download our product factsheet below to learn more about Signal. 


Download the Signal factsheet for an overview of how Signal powers personalisation at scale.

Our Customers

What our customers are saying about Bud

Importantly, the functionality Bud provides will also enable us to continue to meet our responsibilities as a responsible lender, without compromising customer experience.
Mike Bullock
Chief Information Officer, ANZ NZ
Our new partnership with Bud marks a significant step forward in our campaign for greater transparency, providing us with a wealth of insight that gives customers more power over their financial future.
Ziad Al Baba
General Manager UK and Canada, Credit Karma
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Product Factsheet: Signal

Download for an overview of Signal's capabilities

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