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Everything you need to know about Bud.


Maximise loan conversions with market-leading aggregation

Send pre-approvals in seconds using real-time affordability checks and improve conversion rates by using aggregators and comparison sites

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Holistically understand an applicant's position

With mounting pressure from loan aggregators, lenders struggle to swiftly understand applicants and make accurate lending decisions. By synthesising transactional data, Bud empowers lenders with the insights needed to effectively evaluate applicants and drive data-driven decision-making.

Accelerate eligibility assessments

At Bud, we enrich and analyse transactional data collected by loan aggregators to provide automated, more informed eligibility assessments capable of empowering lenders to offer customers the best product and rate, improving uptake and approval odds.

Don't take our word for it

“By implementing Bud's open banking service, we have been able to stay true to our promise of being a customer-centred brand that supports a streamlined approach to lending. Open banking allows us to consider our customers’ welfare and affordability at a more sophisticated level and this is something that we are proud to be able to offer as a responsible lender.” 



Use Cases

See how Assess works throughout your lending process

Affordability Monitoring

Identify newly eligible or vulnerable customers.

Affordability Assessments

Better than credit scoring.


Support struggling customers.

Income Verification

Serve those with unusual income patterns.

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