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Personalisation and financial wellbeing



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Affordability and risk


Everything you need to know about Bud.


Get struggling customers back on track

Use our best-in-class data intelligence to have informed discussions with customers and help them with a personalised repayment plan.

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The rising cost of living is impacting loan repayments

Meaning many borrowers are falling behind on loan repayments.

It’s more important than ever for lenders to help customers who are in arrears to get back on track with their repayments.

Get a true picture of a customer's financial position with transaction intelligence

Our best-in-class data intelligence means you get a true picture of an existing loan customer’s financial position.

You can use this detailed information to personalise a collections journey, improving the chances of good outcomes.

Informed conversations

Your collections advisors can discuss options with customers, based on real-time information about their financial circumstances.

Support delinquent customers

Help customers who have defaulted to get back on track with personalised repayment plans based on transactional data insights.

Customer satisfaction

Provide your customers with personalised advice that is both realistic and achievable because it’s based on accurate data.

Don't take our word for it

“Bud has aligned and supported Moneyboat's mission to provide fair, flexible and competitive access to short-term finance. By implementing Bud's open banking service, we have been able to stay true to our promise of being a customer-centred brand that supports a streamlined approach to lending. Open banking allows us to consider our customers’ welfare and affordability at a more sophisticated level and this is something that we are proud to be able to offer as an award-winning responsible lender.”



Use Cases

See how Assess works throughout your lending process

Affordability Monitoring

Identify newly eligible or vulnerable customers.

Affordability Assessments

Better than credit scoring.


Improve conversion rates using aggregators and comparison sites.

Income Verification

Serve those with unusual income patterns.

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