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Everything you need to know about Bud.

Income Verification

Understand income to reduce risk and drive growth

See an individual’s historical, current and predicted income to speed up processing time and serve those in atypical employment.

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Get a reliable and straightforward view of your customers income

Individuals such as self-employed or gig economy workers may have fluctuating income, or income from multiple sources.

They’re often prejudiced by traditional income verification processes.

At best, they’re forced to verify income manually with payslips or bank statements. At worst, they’re unable to access credit altogether.

Use Assess to identify customers who would benefit from intervention or product offers

Track historical income, predict future income and review income stability or income shock indicators.

At Bud, we provide a reliable and straightforward means of seeing an individual’s complete monthly income, edge cases included. 

Quick Decisions

Reduce application processing costs by using Assess as an alternative to cumbersome review of paperwork and outdated or inaccurate credit reports.

Loan book growth

Responsibly lend to those with unusual income patterns who may find it challenging to access credit elsewhere.

Reduced risk

Offer appropriate products to applicants based on their true financial profile to limit delinquencies.

Don't take our word for it

“Bud has aligned and supported Moneyboat's mission to provide fair, flexible and competitive access to short-term finance. By implementing Bud's open banking service, we have been able to stay true to our promise of being a customer-centred brand that supports a streamlined approach to lending. Open banking allows us to consider our customers’ welfare and affordability at a more sophisticated level and this is something that we are proud to be able to offer as an award-winning responsible lender.”



Use Cases

See how Assess works throughout your lending process

Affordability Monitoring

Identify newly eligible or vulnerable customers.

Affordability Assessments

Better than credit scoring.


Improve conversion rates using aggregators and comparison sites.


Support struggling customers.

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