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Everything you need to know about Bud.

Instant account verification

Check is Bud's account verification service. Check allows for real time account and identity verification using information contained in Open Banking data.


Why Check?

Check enables clients to verify new users quickly and accurately through bank-grade security checks without having to process streams of raw bank data themselves.


Reduce drop offs

38% reduction in customer drop-off


Reduce fraud risk

Up to 20% reduction in onboarding costs 


Instant, secure verifications with comprehensive account coverage

Real-time verification - Success rates are higher than that of credit bureaus and results are delivered in seconds.

No license? No problem - Use your own AISP licence or become an agent of Bud to conduct the checks under ours.

Security - Slash fraud risk by introducing Checks from the bank into your verification flow.

The best coverage of UK accounts - Bud's Connect aggregation gateway covers 96.5% of current accounts in the UK and 88% of all accounts (including Savings, BCA, PCA and Credit Cards.)


Instant onboarding in a few taps


Account selection

Customer selects which account they'd like to check.


Information review

Customer review the information they're being asked to share.



Customer authenticates via their banking app and returns to the flow.



Their name is verified against the name returned by the bank.


What our customers are saying about Bud


“Our new partnership with Bud marks a significant step forward in our campaign for greater transparency, providing us with a wealth of insight that gives customers more power over their financial future.
“Importantly, the functionality Bud provides will also enable us to continue to meet our responsibilities as a responsible lender, without compromising customer experience.”
“Partnering with Bud will empower our customers, by ensuring that their data works even better in their favour, helping them move their finances forward."